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Some Personal Trainers are pad holders but to truly understand pad holding and body mechanics we believe that fighters deliver a different training experience to our clients.


Mark has had a career spanning over 20 years with 35 fights and 31 wins. He has trained and fought in some of the most prominent Muay Thai Kickboxing Gyms in the Netherlands and Thailand.

Mark has been lucky enough to travel around the world and learn different training techniques from all highly skilled trainers, which he can now apply and teach to his students.

Mark is a qualified Personal Trainer, Level 1 kettle bell coach and brings a wealth of fitness and health knowledge.

Mark is a passionate member of the Chinese and Vietnamese communities as his mother is of Chinese and Vietnamese origins.

Alaa Jamis


Al has had a career spanning over 11 years with 29 fights and 21 wins across Muay Thai, K1/kickboxing and boxing. He has trained and fought in some of the most prominent Gyms in Australia, USA, Netherlands and Thailand.

Also a black belt in Kyokushin Karate and having trained and competed in submission wrestling, jiu jitsu and MMA, Al has a wealth of knowledge in developing and adapting a wide form of striking styles, forms and applying it in sparring.

An engineer and senior manager for large transformational projects, Al has an excellent ability in communicating with all types of persons and ages.


Al Is a great support at Strikefit with many years of knowledge is a volunteer that’s always here to help!



Meet Anthony, a dedicated martial artist and fitness coach with over a decade of experience in combat sports.

With a professional record of 3 wins out of 5 fights in both Muay Thai and Kickboxing, Anthony has showcased his skills on platforms like Foxtel and also fought for the ISKA VIC title. Supported by 8 sponsors, his journey includes 20 amateur fights, including 5 in boxing, and immersive training in Thailand.

Beyond the ring, Anthony is well-versed in strength training and nutrition, augmenting his holistic approach to fitness. Passionate about psychology-based self-development, he brings a unique perspective to coaching, prioritising both physical and mental well-being.

Anthony’s warm personality, along with the blend of expertise, creates an environment where individuals of all levels can thrive. Join Anthony on a journey of growth and empowerment, where martial arts and fitness intersect to sculpt not only bodies but also minds.


George has been training in Martial Arts from a young age across a range of disciplines including Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. His fitness qualifications have enabled him to combine his love of Martial Arts and teaching.

He understands the theoretical and practical aspects of the art and is adaptive to new methodologies. He conducts workouts that include both technical and HIIT elements to suit a wide range of fitness levels. He caters workouts for different skill levels and age groups.

He teaches a variety of group sessions including:

      • Kids classes which focus on educational games that refine fine motor skills and enforce boxing/kickboxing techniques in addition to general fitness.
      • Beginner Muay Thai group sessions where participants are introduced to the art. The technical aspects are explained and implemented into training drills.
      • Boxing, Bootcamp and Muay Thai fitness where the workouts switch between technical and HIIT elements.

His participants enjoy technical, full body and fun workouts.


Jagger Marty

Hi I’m Jagger and I am a trainer here at Strikefit gym. I have been around gyms my entire life and have a great passion and love for the sport.

I am very enthusiastic and uplifting. Personally I am a very active and sporty person and have been competing in sport from a very young age and there is nothing I love more. Not only am I sporty and enthusiastic, I am also very friendly and open to talk to. Never feel shy to come up and have a chat as I am always up for a friendly conversation. Another big takeaway about myself is I am very respectful, I believe respect is a key part of life and especially in a gym environment respect is crucial.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and I certainly am a respectful person. I enjoy helping others achieve their best and work towards being the best version of themselves they can be, and am always willing to help someone improve.

Overall, I am an outgoing, enthusiastic, active, and sporty person.

Somchai Chimlum

Somchai Chimlum is a Thai boxer. He initially fought Muay Thai matches under the stage name Namna Prasathinphanomrung, and is a former Lumpinee champion.

He later shifted to international boxing, making the National Team around the same time he joined the Royal Thai Navy, in 1995.

He competed in the men’s middleweight event at the 2000 Summer Olympics.



Chrissy has been teaching Group Fitness Classes since 2014. Her goal is to always create a friendly, positive and supportive environment for women, where they will feel comfortable to be themselves, have fun whilst exercising, no matter what fitness level and no matter what size. Chrissy has created a support network where members encourage and motivate each other and together they grow stronger, fitter and healthier.

Chrissy is bubbly, positive, energetic, and nurturing. She loves dancing and she definitely loves to have fun and a good laugh. With her experience in Muay Thai, Boxing, Hiit and Functional Fitness you are bound to have a mixed bag of surprises because every class is always different. If you’re looking for a women’s only class that caters for a whole body workout, then come along and check out one of her classes. You’re guaranteed to work up a sweat!


Ria has worked across industries in communications and engagement, and is passionate in providing great service to the community.

She strives on making your transition into Muay Thai and Boxing as effortless as possible. Talk to Ria to discuss how we can best support your goals!



Welcome! Our amazing receptionist, Aries, is here to greet you. Fluent in English and Mandarin, she’ll answer your questions and guide you through the gym.

Get Started! With her positive energy, Aries makes starting your boxing journey smooth. Feel free to ask her anything – she’s here to help you reach your goals.


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Shogher DikranianShogher Dikranian
10:47 03 Mar 22
Love all the classes and the atmosphere overall
Thomas LinartThomas Linart
08:44 04 Feb 22
Normally I’m not the reviewing kind of guy, but these guys deserve it.I joined their club approx 3 months ago and not only is it a beautiful club with nice equipment. The coaches and staf are so friendly and welcoming. Where some clubs lose that welcoming vibe and personal touch bit after you become a member, here every day I went to training so far has been a joy and very satisfying.If you are from the area and you are looking for a good and fun club with excellent trainers that make you want to come to class. Then I highly recommend you guys to give Strikefit a go!Results will follow!
Jeremy JJeremy J
04:20 08 May 21
Been a member at quite a few gyms over the years and this is one of the best! The gym caters for all levels, providing a welcoming community focused around self improvement.The coaches are top notch providing a good workout with a balance of technique and fitness. Highly recommend
Elena ManoleElena Manole
08:44 06 May 21
Challenging yet also fun. Great workout that’s never the same
Leo BiclarLeo Biclar
23:37 05 May 21
This gym will teach you all the important fundamentals of stand up striking all the way through to fight night preparation. The trainers are without a doubt legitimate fighters that know how to coach and build you up. Just get in here.